I’m Sebastian Horn. I’m currently living in Berlin, where I work as community and social media editor at ZEIT ONLINE.

On my blog you will find commentary and discussions on issues revolving around media, communication and technology. Any comments are very much appreciated.

5 responses to “About

  1. Hello Sebastian. I like the way you writte about new trends and tech issues. Thanks a lot for your posts. Saludos from Central America, Panama!!

  2. Hi Sebastian… Well done, we need more ppl like you…

  3. Thanks for the description of Castell’s lecture and the discussion about Live Feed and News Feed on Facebook. Both were helpful in thinking about ‘mass self communication’ and how it affects communication power and political action.

  4. Großartiges Interview mit JSF! Schön, dass zeit.de solch reflektierten, weitsichtigen Menschen ein Forum bietet. Und, Sebastian, Dein Englisch ist ein Traum – es hat Spaß gemacht, Euch zuzuhören. DANKE!

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