“My name is ___, and I’m leaving Facebook.”

A good friend of mine just sent around an email, announcing that he will quit Facebook. He agreed that I put it up. Maybe somebody wants to use it as a template for announcing his or her own withdrawal from the social network. Also, I’m hoping to update this post later once my friend told me how he’s dealing with his new-found isolation/liberation. If you’ve gone through similar experiments, please share your experience.

Dear friends,

I’ve decided to leave Facebook (why does this feel like saying: ‘Hi, I’m (…) and I’m an alcoholic’?!). Since I hope this will not mean that I won’t be able to stay in touch with you, as Facebook will undoubtedly tell me, I’ve added you to my email address book.

If this is your university or work email, please send me your personal one. Also let me know which email you use primarily. Phone numbers and postal addresses will also be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I hope all’s well with you!?


3 responses to ““My name is ___, and I’m leaving Facebook.”

  1. Wooow, very heavy to think quit facebook the same way you quit a drug? Some privacy settings could solve this guy problem, maybe! Anyway its a inner decission. Good vibes from Central America! 🙂

  2. I am leaving Facebook on a biweekly basis, because I am on-and-off disappointed with how little “close” friends and family actually communicate. Mind you I live in India and my friends and folks are back in Europe and the US, so facebook really does help giving the impression that one is connected. But that is just it: we are all “on” facebook without being there. We post photos and links and this or that, but we are no often in real communication. Once upon a time, we used to write real letters, then we wrote personal emails, now no one even addresses you personally and privately in an email anymore, because “well; we are all on facebook” aren’t we. One big happy family. Yeah right. People, it’s down hill with our civilization. I am sure. The sad part is that if we are not “on” and “connected”, we feel left out, but no one much notices when we do drop out. I never thought I’d bemoan the good old days at the age of 48, but here it is. Cheers.

  3. You can quit from facebook. But using facebook will give you more help might be in the future. It will not effect you, if you dont put any personal things in your facebook account. You have many setting options for the privacy. So that you can have privace in the facebook. And you can just see the messages what you are getting there.

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